Appartement Sonnhang

Apartment Premium Mara

Size: approx. 120 m²
Suitable for: up to 12 people

Equipped with:

• entrance room
• two family room with four beds
• one family room with double bed and shower
• kitchen fully equipped with dishwasher
• living room with large table

• bathroom with double sink, shower and bathtub

• free Wi-Fi all over the house
• balcony with breathtaking views

We’ll be happy to make you an individual, non-binding offer.

Sonnhang_Wohnen Sonnhang_Wohnen
Sonnhang_Kueche Sonnhang_Kueche
Sonnhang_Essen Sonnhang_Essen
Sonnhang_Mara Sonnhang_Mara
Sonnhang Sonnhang
Sonnhang_Mara Sonnhang_Mara
Sonnhang_Bad Sonnhang_Bad
Schlafzimmer Schlafzimmer
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